In order to provide a space for the display of video art, Bilsar had transformed of its headquarter space into a non-profit video art-focused art venue. As of 2018, Bilsart, presents the current examples of video art of both young and experienced artists with a program that changes every 15 days. This program is based on the principle of showing one work at a time; also has a library focusing on this field.

Within this dynamic exhibition program, Bilsart hosts collectors’ selections, curatorial projects, collaborative exhibitions with art initiatives/galleries and parallel screenings with other contemporary art disciplines. Taking place in the main art route in Istanbul, Bilsart opens every exhibition with an art talk about the current exhibition and archive all art talks on Bilsart Youtube.

Together with the SENKRON team, Bilsart has been the pioneer organizing ‘Synchronized Video Art Exhibitions’ which take place for the first time in 2021 with the participation of many art institutions and organizations across Turkey.


Selman Bilal – Bilsar Chairman & CEO

Ceren Taşkent Acarol Bilsar Creative Director

Zeynep Tetik Bilsart Project Manager

Açelya Kırmalı Bilsar Art Director

Mahmut Uğur Çeker Bilsar IT Manager